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Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans Gourmet


Origin: Madagascar

Botanical name (species): V.planifolia

Aroma: Sweet, creamy, rich, full-bodied, tobacco-like, somewhat woody, deep balsamic, and has sweet spicy back notes

Benefit: Create aroma and taste for food, beverage and cosmetic related products; Mask unwanted aroma and taste in the products; improve after taste; Improve health

Madagascar Gourmet Beans with perfect black look and aroma is the ideal choice for gourmet sweet recipes.

Hotline hỗ trợ bán hàng 24/7: 0981.243.524

- Appearance: Dark chocolate brown in color, supple and oily. Non-split pods. 

- Moisture: 30%-38%

- Length: 13-23cm

- Best Before: 1 year from packing date 

- Storage: In cool, clean place and separate from other ingredients.

- Common Use: Culinary uses, especially for making sweet foods, flavoring drinks. Making vanilla extract. Making cosmetic and health care products. Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans are well suited for many baking recipes, drinks, and desserts.

- Usage: Cut each end off the vanilla bean. Slice through the vanilla bean lengthwise. Remove the seeds from inside the vanilla bean. Follow vanilla recipes.

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