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Papua New Guinea Vanilla Beans Split


• Origin: Papua New Guinea
• Botanical name (species): V. tahitensis
• Aroma: Floral, fruity and anisic with a smooth flavor
• Benefit: Create aroma and taste for food, beverage and cosmetic related products;
Mask or reduce unwanted aroma and taste in the products; Improve after taste.

Appearance: The split beans come from extraction quality. Brown to reddish in color, split pods, contain minor blemishes, drier than the gourmet

Moisture: 22-28%

Length: 11-21cm

Best before: 1 year from packing date

Storage: In cool, clean place, separate from other odorous materials. Do not freeze

Common use: Culinary uses, especially for making sweet foods, flavoring drinks
Making vanilla extract
Making cosmetic and health care products

Usage: Split beans are suitable for making vanilla extract. Follow vanilla extract recipes.

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